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Chelsea R. Killam

research geek, methods nerd... asks a lot of questions

A Bit About Me

I knew I had a future in research from the moment I wrote my first survey question as an undergraduate at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Fifteen years later, and I haven’t stopped asking questions! 

I spent the first decade of my career in association management, earning my CAE and IOM while serving as the Director of Research at ASAE (the association of associations) where I oversaw studies like later issues of the landmark Decision to… series, Policies & Procedures in Association Management, and multiple industry-level environmental scans. I then spent a few years in the corporate world driving consumer insights for a Fortune 50 telecom and building a research capability for a pre-IPO fintech. 

Now I use this cross-industry experience to empower the organizations I work with to make informed, confident decisions using a variety of rigorous and right-sized research techniques.

When I'm not investigating a business challenge, I'm eating my way through my wonderful city of Philadelphia, adventuring, or plying my friends into playing board games with the promise of good beer and a home cooked meal.



Graduated from the Professional & Technical Communications BS Program at the Rochester Institute of Technology


Graduated from the Survey Design & Data Analysis Graduate Program at the George Washington University

2007 - 2016

Director of Research at ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership


Earned my IOM certification (US Chamber of Commerce Institute for Organizational Management)


Earned my CAE (Certified Association Executive; expired 2022)

2016 - 2019

Senior Researcher at the Project Management Institute

2019 - 2021

Director of Consumer Insights and owner of the Xfinity Insights Community at Comcast

2021 - 2023

Director of Consumer Insights & Competitive Intelligence at the fintech consumer finance startup, Best Egg


Founded Easy Tiger Insights, LLC 

Why "Easy Tiger Insights?"

Have you ever been in a room full of enthusiastic leaders, buzzing with ideas, ready to make big decisions? I have, and I'm usually the one saying, “wait, how do we KNOW this is the right choice?”


Whether in the non-profit sector or corporate world, I've found that decisions steeped in deep consumer insights not only meet, but often exceed expectations. It's the insights that empower us to navigate opportunities and challenges with finesse, ensuring each decision is a step towards success.


So why 'Easy Tiger Insights'? It's about marrying the vitality and go-getter spirit of organizational leaders with the wisdom offered by rigorous research. It's about striking a balance between instinct and insight, between moving swiftly and moving wisely. And it's about recognizing that sometimes, slowing down is the fastest way to move forward.

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