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Make time to make the right decision the first time.

All great ideas deserve to be tested. Let's chat about yours!

Easy Tiger Insights is a boutique research consulting agency that offers a fresh perspective on how to understand audience needs and preferences, solve business challenges, and prepare for the future. I believe research should be a catalyst rather than an obstacle in the decision-making process, so each study is custom designed using a variety of nimble and sophisticated methodologies, right-sized to deliver compelling and actionable insights. Read more here!

My Research Philosophy

Kerry Brooks
Global Product Manager

Project Management Institute

"Chelsea brings enthusiasm, curiosity, and a willingness to learn, to everything she does. Her deep research background helps her to frame the right questions when probing on customer pain points and their true, underlying callenges. We worked together designing a new career life cycle experience, as well as bringing two new product concepts to fruition and developing minimum viable products from that work. Her contributions helped us develop the new product concepts, informing design through customer research, and helping the team to revise hypotheses."

What I Offer

Right-sized custom qualitative and quantitative studies to drive decision making, reveal new opportunities, and better understand and empathize with your audience. Includes surveys, focus groups, and in-depth interviews that employ rigorous, creative methodologies.

Secondary research to scope and size markets or professions of interest, prepare for disruptive trends, and identify your strengths against others competing for the same audience share.

Support in evaluating the potential of an insights community for your organization and help with standing the community up, including participant recruiting, rewards strategy, platform training, policies, fraud prevention, etc.

Custom workshop facilitation using design thinking principles  to help teams efficiently solve problems, come to consensus, and discover a clear path forward on both internal challenges like team cohesion, as well as challenges related to business, products, and consumers.

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